Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Money for Mickey as Disneyland Again Raises Prices

It seems like we were just talking about Disney and their plans to increase admission to some of their theme parks, and now just weeks later they’re doing it again—this time over in California.

The parks that make up Disneyland Resort are rising once again, and this
is certainly going to take away from your oversized turkey leg and
churro budget. Things have been bumped up by roughly four percent, as Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park will now set you back $96. Parking is also going up by a buck, and that’s now going to cost $17 for each and every vehicle heading into the lots.

So far it seems like the $100 per day mark is safe, but have to imagine
that won’t be the case for long. Another similar increase in 2015 would
finally take admission costs into triple digits. Unfortunately we cannot
resist a little Mickey Mouse, and if we’re in the neighborhood—we’d
still line up for a ride aboard Space Mountain.

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