Thursday, May 22, 2014

What the British Airways 787 Dreamliner Has That Other Airplanes Don't

An average day sees 12 British Airways planes soaring up into the skies on their way from New York to London. Only one is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Perhaps you've already heard about the advantages of the new
787—the quieter cabin, lower interior pressure, larger windows, improved
fuel efficiency, automatic toilets,
and general spaciousness—but since each airline can do what they want
with their 787s, this often means further improvements beyond the

So why is this 787 so special, and why should you pony up to enjoy it in BA's version of Business Class, "Club World?" Here's just a few reasons to book it and make the trek to Newark:

It's the last flight out

Because the BA 787 departure from Newark to London is the very last
flight out from that terminal, you'll not only have shorter lines going
through security but fewer fellow travelers in general. It almost feels
like the terminal is there for you and only you. Head to the newly
renovated BA Galleries lounge for the dinner buffet and drinks, and spread out until the flight is called for boarding.

Extra seat privacy

The BA Dreamliner is the only BA aircraft to set up Club World in a
2-3-2 seat layout. Who cares? Well, you should if you enjoy privacy on
an overnight flight, because that middle-most seat is super primo! Not
only does it have a few extra inches of space on the side (handy for
keeping your laptop or a thick novel at hand), but it's snuggled so well
in the center that you cannot see any other passenger, and no one else
can similarly spy on you. It's the best option for celebrities,
in-flight sleep droolers, and anyone who simply enjoys shut-eye without
being eyed.

Sleeper service!

Because the BA 787 departure is so late (10:50pm out of Newark!), the
focus is on preparing for sleep before you even board. This means
enjoying pre-flight dining in the lounge and no wasting valuable sleep
time having to wait for a multi-course meal onboard. Yes, there's still
the option to eat after takeoff, but most Club World flyers will be
ready to dim the lights and knock out under a fluffy blanket once at
altitude. A quiet, dark cabin is ideal for getting work done, watching a
movie or joining the others in dreamland on the Dreamliner. No matter
what your activity, the extra-large windows with dimming function means
you'll still be able to peek at the slick wings and shoo away any
feelings of claustrophobia.

There's a secret button

On other BA planes in Club World, the privacy screen between seats is
activated by pushing a button atop and between the seats. It's not where
you'd expect it to be, and pushing the button is an obvious gesture
which can cause embarrassment. On the 787, however, the button is also
located on a control panel nearer your elbow, making it a hidden and
intuitive action.

Bacon rolls!

Breakfast service is very British, with the option of ordering bacon rolls before arrival at Heathrow. They're small, but so scrumptious. Do not skip them! Add a cup of BA's special blend Twining's tea
and a fruit bowl to complete a balanced breakfast. Okay, so Club World
flyers can enjoy this on any international BA flight with a morning
meal, but it just tastes so much better when you awake with a clear

Fast track to the Arrivals Lounge

Flying in Club World means you're handed two special pieces of paper
with your immigration forms. Hold on to these—Fast Track for access to
the express immigration line and a pass for the BA Arrivals lounge with
Elemis Spa.
Even if you enjoyed those bacon rolls, there's more to come in
LHR's Arrivals Lounge. The flight time of the BA 787 Dreamliner has you
into Heathrow around 10:30am, past the early morning rush and with just
enough time to hop into one of the Arrivals lounge's 90 shower rooms,
freshen up, and make any lunch plans in central London. On the flip
side, it's still early enough to make any onward connections to Europe.

To fly on the new British Airways 787 between Newark and London,
book BA flight numbers BA 186 and BA 187. To check out the BA 787's
other routes (to Toronto and, soon, to Austin), visit British Airways'
official 787 site.

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