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A320 v 737: the sales winner is….

It’s one of the bitterest rivalries in the industrialized world: Airbus vs Boeing.

Despite being world-class companies, executives at each often snipe
at each other’s airplanes, claiming superiority in economics and
passenger appeal. Like lawyers arguing a court case, data is typically
selectively used to advance the claims.

One of the most hotly debated issues between the two companies is
which is the best single-aisle airplane, the ones that fly the most
routes in the world and which carry more passengers than any other type:
the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 families.

Boeing’s marketing and communications team has done a superb job of
claiming its 737 is the best selling jetliner of all time and with
12,257 firm orders since the first program, the 737-100/200, was
launched in 1964. The 737 edges out the A320 family’s 11,021 orders.
(These figures exclude options and MOUs.)

But the A320 was launched in 1984, 20 years after the 737. A even-up
comparison should begin in March 1984 comparing the A320 family with the
737 Classic from then to the end of the Classic’s production run; and
with the 737 Next Generation from its program launch in November 1993;
followed by the A320neo and the 737 MAX.

March 1984 when Airbus launched the A320 through September, the
European airplane has sold more airplanes than Boeing has sold the
various 737s during the same period. Both companies have announced
hundreds more orders since October 1. Click to enlarge.
When the count is adjusted to start from the A320’s program launch,
Airbus can correctly claim it has sold more A320 Family members than
Boeing has sold 737 Classics, NGs and MAXes over the same period.

The 737, which entered service in 1968, had a solid customer base
built up in the 16 years before Airbus launched the A320 program in
March 1984. The so-called 737 Classic (300/400/500) is no longer in
production, having been superseded by the 737 Next Generation (NG),
launched in November 1993. The NG and the ceo are still in production.
Coming from nowhere, with no customer base, Airbus captured 47.5% of the
firm orders and 48.9% of the firm orders plus options, letters of
intent and memorandums of understanding.

Airbus launched its re-engined A320neo (New Engine Option) in
December 2010. Boeing launched the 737 MAX. the following July. These
each come in three sub-types. Airbus is the runaway-market winner.

Boeing points out that Airbus had a seven month head-start on program
launch and claims that since the MAX was launched, it’s won 50% of the
campaigns. The website provides an independent look at sales in the days since launch; the A320neo consistently outsells the 737 MAX.

The first of the A320neos is scheduled to enter service in October
next year. The first 737 MAX is scheduled to enter service in July 2017.

Boeing’s dominance in the single-aisle is a thing of the past, and it
won’t return for at least another decade and perhaps a decade and a
half—certainly not until Boeing designs an entirely new, “clean sheet”
airplane and this even depends on the Airbus response.

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney, asked about the market share on the third
quarters earnings call Oct. 22, maintained Boeing’s long-running
statements that it will recover to obtain a 50% share of the A320-737

Airbus’ isn’t concerned about the prospect of a Boeing NSA, or New
Single Aisle airplane. Kiran Rao, Airbus’ executive vice president of
sales and marketing, and John Leahy, chief operating officer-customers,
said on several occasions that there won’t be enough technological
advances in engines and airframes to support a new, clean sheet airplane
before a 2030 entry into service, or EIS. It’s possible that by 2025 an
NSA could be designed and into service with 25%-30% lower operating
costs than today’s A320s and 737s. But if the benchmark is changed to
the new A320neo and 737 MAX, each predicted to be 14% better than
today’s airplanes, there is a huge challenge to achieve 25% or better by
2030, let alone 2025. It can’t be done by the earlier date, Rao and
Leahy say.

“We’re comfortable with the A320neo,” Rao says.

Boeing claims its 737-800 and successor the 737-8 are about 8% more
economical per seat. Airbus makes counter-claims, but airlines that
evaluated the planes and some that operate both the A320ceo and 737NG
say Boeing has an operating cost advantage of only 2%. But customers,
whose opinions count far more than the hype promulgated by Airbus and
Boeing, say the A321neo is a superior airplane to the 737-9 and sales
figures support this.

On Oct. 21, Airbus upped the ante. Airbus confirmed to the on-line newsletter Leeham News and Comment that it now is offering an A321neo high gross weight that will replace the Boeing 757-200
on 3,900nm routes that are too “thin” for long-range twin-aisle
airplanes like the Airbus A330 or Boeing 787 that carry twice the
passengers of the 757. Boeing’s 737-9, with a basic design dating to the
1960s, can’t be further developed to match the new A321neoLR (Long

The A321neoLR will further marginalize the 737-9.

At the low end of the Airbus and Boeing offerings, the smallest
A319ceo and 737-700 on their last legs. There have been few recent sales
and the backlog for each is winding down as deliveries are made. Their
replacements, the A319neo and the 737-7, are largely regarded in the
industry as placeholders, rear guard action to serve as a road-block, if
one is needed, against the new, clean-sheet 135-seat Bombardier CS300
and Embraer 122-seat E-195 E2. The strategy is more illusionary than
real. There are more than 180 firm orders for the CS300 (EIS late 2015
or early 2016) and 50 for the slightly smaller E-195 E2; the latter is
still in its infancy, with an EIS of 2019. There are just 49 orders for
the A319neo (EIS 2017) and 55 for the 737-7 (EIS 2019). There are two
identified customers for the A319neo, Frontier Airlines and Columbia’s
Avianca, and 12 orders listed as Unidentified customer(s). Frontier is
transitioning to an Ultra Low Cost Carrier and will likely opt for the
larger A320neo or even the A321neo, the largest member of the family.
Avianca needs the hot-rod performance of the high-powered, light-weight
A319neo for its South American service and will probably take the order.

The 737-7, on the other hand, is problematic. Southwest Airlines in
the USA has 30 on order and Canada’s Westjet the other 25. When the time
comes to “cut metal” about 2018, it’s quite possible each will upgauge
to the larger 737-8.

This leave Boeing in quite the quandary: a 737 MAX family with a good-selling -8, a non-existent -7 and a poor selling -9.

At the October European conference of the International Society of
Transport Aircraft Traders, a poll was taken of the 1,200 delegates
asking if Boeing or Airbus had the more competitive single-aisle
airplane. Fifty percent of the audience voted for Airbus; just 23% for
Boeing. It’s quite the comedown for the proud Boeing.

Airbus has neatly mouse-trapped Boeing.

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How New Zealand Changed our Perspective on Life

When we first decided to take a leap of faith and move to New
Zealand we had no idea the impact it would have on our lives. Over the
last year we’ve stepped outside our comfort zone in all aspects of our
lives and have been on the most amazing journey of adventure and

So as we passed our 1 year anniversary in one of the most beautiful
country’s in the world, we began to reflect on the impact it has had on
our lives and how much we’ve grown both personally and as a couple.

0W5A4850_1_2_3_4_tonemapped (1024x681)

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

It was June 2013 and although we had our New Zealand work
Visa’s lined up, our attempts to secure jobs before we left Canada had
failed and were faced with an important decision. Either delay our plans
to leave until at least one of us found a job or throw all caution to
the wind and sell everything in hopes of it all working out in the end.

Check out: Top thrill Seeking things to do in New Zealand
The thought of leaving our perfectly good jobs, our friends and
family and the security we had established was daunting but we knew it
was the right decision. This was our first and biggest step outside our
comfort zone and into the unknown to a country we had never been to with
no guarantees ahead.

0W5A9635 (1024x683)
And it didn’t stop there. Known as the adventure capital of the
world, New Zealand’s adventure culture has created numerous activities
that have pushed us to the edge of our comfort zone time and time again.
Whether it was bungy jumping, mountaineering or hiking the Milford
Track in torrential rain ñ our limits have been tested over and over
again and we continue to come out stronger every time.

AJH-KB-20131002-055-001-0002-Cam02 - Copy (1024x677)

Collect memories not things

When we had to pack our lives into 2 suitcases each it forced us to
prioritize the “things” in our lives and rid ourselves of a lot of
“stuff” we had collected over the years. Having sold pretty much
everything we owned, we started our new life in New Zealand with just a
suitcase full of clothes and some camping gear.

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learning since moving here is that
you really donít need all that “stuff”. Being immersed in a country full
of natural beauty, we have learned to prioritize collecting memories
over things. Although I would love to have my juicer on a Sunday morning
or our 3 bedroom house for entertaining guests, this journey has made
us live a more simple life enriched in so many other ways than with
material things. We continue to spend our time and money on adventures
that create lasting memories not temporary joy.

0W5A0669_70_71_tonemapped (1024x684)

 Reconnecting with Nature

Having grown up in a small town, surrounded by woods and nature I’ve
always enjoyed the simpler life and never aspired to live in a large
urban city. However, when I ended up living near the concrete jungle of
Toronto and commuting to work for 6 years I forgot what it was like to
explore the outdoors and how much more alive I feel when I do.

0W5A4215_6_7_8_9_tonemapped (1024x678)
Living in New Zealand has rekindled our love for being immersed in
nature and solidified our decision to never let our jobs dictate where
we live or how we live. I need the ocean. I love the mountains – and
grass and trees are way more fun than bustling city streets.

It all started with our first Great Walk along the Abel Tasman Coast
Track. Although our bodies weren’t accustom to hiking 6-9hrs a day,
being surrounded by the beautiful forest and beaches, ignited a passion
to explore more of these incredible walks and push ourselves to new

hdr 0W5A1344_5_6_tonemapped (1024x683)
The incredible natural beauty in New Zealand continues to inspire us.
One of our favorite memories has been†hiking the Routeburn Track with
Jordan’s parents and if our video of this Great Walk doesn’t get you
stoked†to get out and explore – I don’t know what will!

Appreciate your own backyard

When you’re immersed in a new place, everything is new and exciting.
Last September we landed in New Zealand with no responsibilities and
complete freedom to explore. We spent the first 6 weeks touring the
North and South Islands which allowed us to get a taste for what this
beautiful country had to offer, and since then, haven’t stopped making
use of every ounce of spare time.

A year later many New Zealanders have told us we’ve seen more of the
country than most Kiwis and it’s been a wake-up call for them to do the
same. Something about being in a new country gives you the drive to
explore, which is why we’ve pushed to do as much as we can right now
knowing how dangerous and easy it is to get into a comfortable routine
and say ëWeíll do it some other timeí.

0W5A3357_8_9_fused (1024x682)
No matter where you live in the world, it can be easy to take for
granted what’s in your own backyard. Now being away from Canada we
realize how much we have yet to explore there and has fuelled a desire
to go back someday and ensure we appreciate the natural beauty and
culture of our own country.

0W5A9027_8_9_tonemapped (1024x678)

Work is more than making money

Although I loved my job back in Canada, I never realized how formal
the work culture was until I moved to New Zealand. There is a high
priority placed on work-life balance here and it is completely
acceptable (and encouraged) to not take your laptop home, not answer
emails after 5pm or on weekends and that holidays are where you can
completely unplug.

I also really enjoy the social culture I have at my job. I look
forward to ëbeer oíclockí every Friday where I can enjoy a drink and
snacks with co-workers, getting a chance to get to know them on a more
personal level. Whether it’s a bake-off in the office, Zorb soccer ‘team
building’, or the Christmas beach party, there’s always an excuse to
take the time to have some fun. If I could take one lesson back to
Canada is would be to remove the ëstiffnessí of the workplace and let
people experience what a little less structure can bring†to the
enjoyment of work.

0W5A1436 (1024x683)

Living abroad is a true relationship test

Packing up your lives and moving to a country youíve never been,
where you know no one, can be a challenge for any couple. Living out of a
car for 6 weeks can be too! Being so far away from your family and
friends, that person becomes an even bigger part of your life. I truly
feel you canít get to know yourself or your partner completely until you
have had to†depend on that person in all aspects of your life.†This
journey has made us an even stronger couple ñ one whoís seen each
otherís biggest highs and toughest lows and despite spending a
significant amount of time together, we still look forward to seeing
each other at the end of the day and even go out of our way to schedule
lunch dates on Fridays.

0W5A0484_5_6_tonemapped (1024x683)

New found passion

When we first started our blog and video web series, it was a way for
us to share our adventures with friends and family back home. Little
did we know this part-time hobby would become our passion and ignite a
creative side of†us we didn’t know was there. I’m an engineer by
training and never considered myself much of a writer, but when it came
to sharing our personal stories, the words just flowed out of me.
Jordan’s incredible eye for detail and his passion for film making has
truly blossomed over the last year. Our website, Stoked for Saturday,
has become a new creative outlet that allows us to share our journey
with the world and also provides us†a personal journal of our lives that
we’ll cherish forever.

Have you experienced a similar life changing event that’s brought you new perspective on life?

0W5A6530 - Copy
and Jordan left Canada in September 2013 to embark on a new life living
and working in†New Zealand. With a passion for adventure and the
outdoors, they’ve taken full advantage of their weekends and holidays to
explore their backyard and hope to inspire others to do the same.
From bungy jumping to mountaineering, they look for ways to step
outside their comfort zone and love to live life to the fullest!

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Shocking Video Of Hotel Housekeeping

A video is circulating the web of a hotel housekeeper rummaging through a guest’s belongings.
This video was apparently taken on November 5, 2014, at a US hotel, and based on the room design it looks to me like a Hampton Inn (though I could be wrong).
In the video a housekeeper is seen:
  • Looking at the guest’s package (okay, that sounds weird) a package the guest received
  • Trying to log into the guest’s computer multiple times
  • Looking at the guest’s video games and tablet
  • Using the same gloves to make the bed that she used in the bathroom
Interestingly the housekeeper doesn’t take anything. Obviously the situation is unacceptable, though I’m especially curious about her multiple attempts to access the laptop. Did she realize she was being filmed, and then tried to turn the camera off? That certainly doesn’t justify her trying to access a guest’s computer, though I’m trying to figure out what other spin there could be on what she was trying to do on the computer.
Regardless, the video is kind of disturbing. Living in hotels, and being a mild germ/security-phobe, I usually operate under the philosophy that what I don’t know can’t hurt me.
And now I know…

 - One Mile at a Time

How to complain about an airline to get the best results

or later, nearly everyone ends up complaining about an airline — usually
aloud, but sometimes in a missive that goes to the airline. After all,
you've paid your hard-earned money and you expect something in return,
something you paid for.

Lodging your complaint effectively is key to getting results, whether you're doing it in person or by email or snail mail.

a recent flight from Los Angeles to New York, something went amiss. I
used miles for a first-class ticket, and although I had booked my seat
months in advance, when I tried to check in online 24 hours ahead, it
told me to do so at the airport, always a bad sign.

was no seat for me. I asked what happened, but the ticket agent could
offer no explanation. Instead of ranting and raving, I remained calm,
went to the lounge and asked the front desk what could be done. I was
put on a flight leaving 59 minutes after my original flight, same seat.

the delay was less than an hour, the airline didn't owe me denied
boarding compensation. Because I was polite about the situation, the
lounge agent found me and handed me a $400 travel voucher anyway. Maybe I
would have gotten the voucher even if I had ranted and raved. I suspect

If you have an airline complaint, whether lost bags, a
delayed flight, or poor service, always try to resolve it politely at
the airport. If that doesn't work, send a letter or email to the

• Be polite, specific and as brief as possible, citing
flight numbers, seat location, employee names if known, cost of fare,

• Include your frequent-flier number.

• It's always a good idea to sit on your letter for a few days so you can cool down and rephrase things.

• Never say, "I will never fly your airline again!" That gives the airline no incentive to help.

• Ask for a specific remedy, whether it is extra frequent-flier miles, a refund or a voucher. Be reasonable.

• Remember, even airlines with stellar reputations err from time to time.

accompanying sidebar contains the corporate mailing addresses and
websites for U.S.-based airlines. Although many people like to email, a
well-written snail mail letter can be more effective because there are
so fewer of them. It's also easier to include photocopies of relevant
documents. Plus you can also pay the post office for a confirmation that
the mail has been received.

By the way, you can also use these methods for saying something nice about your flight or an employee's extra care.

On the Spot

Robert Neubecker / For The Times
George Hobica
 - LA Times

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A Gourmand’s Weekend Getaway to Seattle

Typical media coverage of Seattle has always seemed warped to me —
the inevitable mentions of Boeing, Amazon, and the rain. How depressing.
The reality of Seattle is something altogether different. I’ve written about Seattle’s amazing neighborhoods, the art, the wine — it’s a city with many charms.
Today, we’re going to talk about food. I truly believe Seattle is one of America’s first class cities for gourmet dining. And I’m going to show you what you need to know to do it in a long weekend.

gourmet seattle weekend A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle

Tours, Markets, Carts, and Windows

One disappointment I have with Seattle food is that often some of my
favorite establishments change or close. Thus, Seattle is one of the
towns where I strongly recommend getting on a food tour or two to guide
to you to the latest and greatest. Savor Seattle
is a great option, and with choices like “hip on the hill” or “booze n
bites,” what are you waiting for? Their guides are really in the know,
so be sure to hit them up for recommendations and tips while en route.

seattle market A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle
Savor does a Pike’s Place Market tour, but actually I think you should wander the market on your own
and see what you uncover. Get some doughnuts from daily dozen, pick up
gourmet gifts and treats to take home at DeLaurenti’s, sample some
cheese at Beecher’s, get chocolate (and chocolate spa products!) from
indi chocolate, or wander into Market Spice at the back of the market
and see what you fancy.

ivars fish bar A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle
The Pacific Northwest also seems to be a fan of the food window.
It’s sort of like a food cart, but the cart is in a building. (I know,
it’s weird. Just trust me.) If you want a food cart, that’s cool; here’s the list
— Ivar’s, on Pier 54, is a classic example. But if you head out into
the neighborhoods, check out Marination Station or Kedai Makan in
Capitol Hill.

pdr 2081 A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle

Sit Down Dining

Seattle is not like Portland – people love to sit down for a fine
meal, completely with linen napkins. (And unlike Portland, people do
actually dress up for dinner here. I’ve lived in both cities, I speak
with confidence.) Canlis is the most famous — reservations required — and probably has some of the best service of any restaurant in the country. And what a view.

6191319556 6e4061c5b2 b A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle
Normally I don’t flock towards celebrity chefs, but Tom Douglas
is a notable exception. All of his Seattle venues I would recommend:
Lola is wonderful, Serious Pie is simple (and more casual — pizza shown
above), Dahlia Lounge for brunch.

wine essentials A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle

Pour Yourself a Beverage

Looking for a cold one? Seattle has all that and more. Wine is easy; Purple Cafe is one of the most well-known (perhaps for its beautiful wine staircase), but honestly I find this place just meh. I prefer The Tasting Room or Fonte.

MG 52331 A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle
Seattle has some great beer, too, though I have to
say most breweries in Seattle don’t have the best food, nor service.
Pike Place Brewing and Elysian are the two best for brews, though I also
like having a beer at Six Arms in Capitol Hill (photo above), an
extension of the McMenamin’s chain of locally-owned restaurants.

seattle downtown hotel view A Gourmands Weekend Getaway to Seattle

Foodies Need to Sleep

After all those calories, you’re going to need safe refuge, and Seattle has your back. Four Seasons Seattle
is one of the best hotels in the Four Seasons network, with an amazing
on-site spa and very comfortable rooms, all just a couple of blocks from
Pike’s Place Market. Rooms have a great view, and if the weather has
you down you have not only one of Seattle’s best restaurants in the
lobby but also chocolate and salted caramels from Fran’s, all available
to you without having to step foot outside.
is a relatively new hotel to the Seattle scene (for those in the know,
it used to be a Red Lion). It’s a sleek, sexy hotel — ask for a
west-facing room if you can, the views (above) are wonderful. Right on
5th Avenue, the hotel is steps from all the shopping hot spots and is
also home to the up-and-coming Frolik restaurant, which I think has some
strong culinary talent in the back of the house. Frolik has a wonderful
outdoor terrace (see lead photo, above).
Wine lovers will want to hang their hat at Hotel Vintage Park,
part of the Kimpton brand. With wine-themed rooms, a free wine happy
hour, local wines in your minibar, and a great Italian restaurant (so good we held an event there), you’ll be a happy camper here.

This Airline Just Landed Michelin-starred Dining

Look, let’s be honest. If we’re #hangry enough, we’ll eat pretty much
anything on a flight. The depressing gruel that flight attendants slop
out as “dinner.” An errant mint (score!) discovered in a carry-on. A
loud bag of snack chips, secured for a bargain of $5.99 at the terminal,
that fills the otherwise quiet cabin with wafting aromas of ranch and

Sorry, everybody. We do what we must.

But it still fills our hearts with hope when we hear of airlines making culinary upgrades. Here’s a big one: Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA)
has announced a partnership with Master Chef Joachim Splichal and his
25-year old flagship restaurant, Patina, that will debut a new in-flight
menu for business class passengers flying out of LAX. (ANA has recently
launched similar chef ventures for flights out of Singapore, China Hong
Kong and Thailand.) Patina, a Michelin-starred legend in the Los
Angeles restaurant scene, is known for elegant and innovative
presentation of slightly Americanized takes on French fine dining.
Starting December 1, that will translate to seasonally updated ANA menus
with options like grouper with almond pistou and cranberry beans, and
fillet of beef with black chanterelle mushrooms.

You can see the latter above. If it comes out of the cabin kitchen looking that way, we’ll be mighty impressed.

This isn’t the only high-profile collaboration undertaken by ANA. NYC
fashion designer Prabal Gurung, the red carpet darling who has dressed
everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Your Mom (via Target), has created
ANA’s new cabin crew uniforms for 2015. Out: navy pinstripes. In: gray
and slate with zippy stripes of electric blue.
|| Jaunted

Thursday, November 6, 2014

PAL expands reach to include more US cities

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) plans to expand operations to other areas of the United States, where there is a huge Filipino immigrant population.
The carrier is set to fly daily to Honolulu starting December this year, Maria Socorro Gonzaga, PAL vice president for external affairs, said last week during a business forum organized by the Center
for Philippine Futuristics Studies & Management Inc.

PAL currently mounts four flights a week to Honolulu and daily flights are set to begin on Dec. 11, information on the company’s website showed.

The move comes ahead of flights to New York, where the carrier will be returning to after economic and feasibility constraints prompted PAL to scrap flights in 1997, just after one year of operations.

PAL long wanted to increase flights to the US, but had been prevented from doing so since 2008.

That changed when the US Federal Aviation Administration earlier this year restored the Philippines’ Category 1 status, reflecting safety reforms undertaken in recent years.

The upgrade also allowed PAL to replace its older Boeing 747 planes with newer and more efficient Boeing 777 aircraft, helping bring down costs.
PAL’s newly appointed president Jaime Bautista said in a previous interview that the carrier would focus more of its long-haul resources on the US market against Europe, where he said it was difficult to become profitable.

PAL previously announced that it would restart flights to New York, via Vancouver, Canada, in March 15 next year. The four-times-a-week service—Manila-Vancouver-New York—will operate at Terminal 1 of New York’s JFK International Airport. Starting March 15, the current daily service between Manila and Vancouver will spike to 11 flights weekly with three departure times from Manila—mid-afternoon, early evening and late evening, PAL said. It added that Manila-Toronto will add a fourth weekly frequency, increasing capacity on this long-haul route in time for the peak summer travel period out of Manila.

 | Inquirer Business

Monday, November 3, 2014

Top 10 Most Active Volcanoes in the World

1). Mount Etna

Mount Etna is a most active and popular Volcano in Europe and it is
located in Sicily, Italy. Mount Etna is one of the tallest volcano in
the world. Etna is tallest volcano in the European continent it’s around
10922 ft high and it covers 459 sq mi area.

Mount Etna
Source : ibtimes

Source :

Source : nydailynews

Source : unknown2). Mauna Loa Volcano

Mauna Loa is located on the island of Hawaii. The mensuration of
Mouna Loa is 60 miles long and 30 miles wide. Mauna Loa Volcano is one
of the five volcanoes in the U.S. lt is very largest volcano according
to mass and volume. The volume of Mauna Loa is approximately 18000 cubic

Source : wasabitourshawaii

Source :
3). Mount Nyiragongo

Nyiragongo is located in the western branch of the Rift Valley near
Lake kivu and inside the Virunga National Park. It is almost 3470 meters
high 2 kilometers wide and 250 meters deep.

Mount Nyiragongo
Source : boston

Source : armageddononline
4). Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi is a active volcano located in central java, Indonesia.
It is approximately 28 kilometers away from north of the Yogyakarta

Source : lhvnews

  Source : boston
5). Geleras Volcano

Geleras Volcano is one of the Colombia’s most active Volcano. The
elevation of Geleras Volcano is 4276 m in the southwestern Colombia near
the border to Ecuador.

Geleras Volcano
Source : therealbest

Source :
6). Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is conflux of three district volcano in which first
one is Kibo 5895 m high, second 5149 m and last one shira 3962 m. It is
large active stratovolcano. Kilimanjaro is highest mountain in Africa
and approximately 19341 ft above the sea level.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Source :

Source : mountain-forecast
7). Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens is an active stratovolcano which is located in
Skamania Country, Washington. St. Helens is 154 kilometers south of
Seattle, Washington and 80 kilometers northeast Portland. The elevation
of Helens is 8363 ft.

Source :

Source : businessweek
8). Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is a intricate volcano located on the island of Luzon in
the Phillppines. It is approximately 60 kilometers from south of Metro
Manila. It is second most active volcano in the Phillppines.

 Taal Volcano
  Source : thecollectiveint

 Taal Volcano

Source :
9). Santa Maria Volcano

Santa Maria Volcano is a large active volcano which is located in
Western of Guatemala. It is one of the three largest blasts of 20th
century. It is also listed in five biggest blast in past 200 years. The
elevation of Maria Volcano is 3772 m sharp topped.

Santa Maria Volcano
Source :

Santa Maria Volcano

Source : avcan
Santa Maria Volcano
Source : photovolcanica
10). Ulawun Volcano

Ulawun Volcano is a stratovolcano located in the island of New
Britain, Papua New Guinea. It is approximately 7657 ft high and one of
the most active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. The elevation of Ulawun
volcano is 2334 meters.

Ulawun Volcano
Source : tambora

Ulawun Volcano

Source : therealbest

- Likey.Today