Monday, July 21, 2014

Exploring Croatia’s National Parks

Paklenica National Park Croatia
is known for its beautiful beaches, laid back coastal cities and
ancient urban escapes like Split and Dubrovnik. Unless you’re really in
the know, however, you may not realize that Croatia has some of the best
national parks found anywhere in the world. From craggy mountains that
leave rock climbers drooling, to stunning waterfalls, there are some
amazing adventures to be had for the outdoor adventurer in us all.

Plitvice Falls National Park

what makes Plitvice so special in the first place? Well, it’s a series
of lakes arranged in cascades. The lakes are the result of several small
rivers originally formed from mountain runoff. The lakes flow into one
another, separated by natural travertine dams and all following the same
general water flow. To stand in the middle of the park is to experience
water and its power in a way you may not have before. Throughout
Plitvice you are followed by the constant sound of water gurgling,
either slowly dripping or in a massive cascading waterfall. You can’t
escape the moistness of the park and the verdant green plants
surrounding the lakes are a testament to the life-force found here. The
lakes are also famous for their constantly changing colors, from green
to light grey and even pale blue. Connecting the paths and lakes are
miles and miles of walkways, allowing intimate access to this natural

Plitvice Croatia
Plitvice National Park, Croatia
plitvice croatia
Paklenica National Park

river canyon, located an easy drive from Zadar, is famous for its
craggy peaks and mountains, attracting rock climbers from around the
world. The park is the most visited climbing site in Croatia, and the
largest in Southeast Europe. It’s hard to believe, but there are more
than 360 climbing routes of various difficulty levels, offering
challenges for the novice and pro alike. Summer is when most climbers
visit and having visited the park twice, I’ve always been amazed at just
how many climbers visit Paklenica. The park offers more than rock
climbing though, it’s also a hotspot for hikers and walkers. There are
200 kilometers of trails and paths that lead from the bottom of the
canyon all the way to the highest peaks of Velebit. A fun historical
fact, the mountains contain a series of secret bunkers that were
intended to house former Yugoslav leaders in the event of war or attack.
Today of course, the park is just a wonderful place to spend the day

Krka National Park

park in Dalmatia, Krka is close to the beautiful town of Šibenik making
it a perfect day trip option. This park’s claim to fame is the river
and falls that attract people from all over the world. Most day-trippers
start with a visit to the Skradinski buk, a massive natural pool with
high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other. From there a
raised pathway guides nature lovers through the forest, following the
river as it ebbs and flows through waterfalls and pools, a peaceful and
serene walk that’s perfect for some exercise and self-reflection. The
park is large though, around 109 square kilometers, and there’s a lot to
see and do, including some harder-to-reach falls. When I visited I saw a
lot of families spending the day there with packed picnic baskets and
swim trunks so they could dive in the chilly water of the pools. It’s a
fun way to cool off during those hot Croatian summers.

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