Monday, July 21, 2014

The Siq Petra

The Siq Petra
The most visited site in Jordan is Petra, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and perhaps best known for its cameo in Indiana Jones. I wrote briefly
about the city and how, even though I expected it to amazing, it far
surpassed those expectations. The first glimpse at the mystical wonder
of the city though is at the entrance to this ancient site, the Siq at Petra.

Nabatean city of Petra was a great caravan stop, and the Siq was used
as the grand entrance for visitors to the Rose City. It’s easy to
imagine how awe-struck new visitors must have been, you can see the same
expressions of wonder on travelers’ faces today.

At its most
narrow point, the Siq is no more than 3 meters wide and the natural
gorge soars to almost 600 feet in some places. Everyone must pass
through the Siq, and it is the first clue at the greatness that awaits. I
was amazed to see ancient water pipes along the sides, designed to
bring water from Wadi Musa to the citizens of Petra.

impressive are the natural formations and the vibrant hues of the rocks
themselves. The rock seems almost fluid as the colors flow in and around
corners, luring the visitor through the kilometer-long passageway.

can only imagine how beautiful the Siq must have been at the height of
the caravan trade, especially considering the entrants had been
traveling along a vast desert. You can see remnants today of the scores
of temples, figures and even artwork along the way. One of the most
impressive is a large relief of caravaners with their camels, walking
along with you on the way to Petra.

At the end of the walk is the
reward most visitors seek, the Treasury suddenly pops into view when
least expected. It’s only the beginning though, there’s a lot more to
the splendor of Petra, but the walk along the Siq is the perfect

The Siq

The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra
The Siq Petra

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