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#363 New Year’s Fruit Basket

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Part of the fun in getting ready for New Year’s Eve is to come up
with 12 round fruits, each to signify a month of the year. Ideally,
there should be 12 different fruits — grapes, oranges, clementines,
cantaloupe, pomelo, watermelon, chico…

It’s a tough challenge, so at times, half the fruits in a Filipino’s
New Years Fruit Basket or dinner table are likely to be not really round
such as mangoes, pears and apples. But the fruit that Filipinos most
associate with the celebration of the New Year and which will be always
found in a fruit basket are ubas (grapes), preferably the big
imported varieties to add a special touch to New Year’s celebrations.
For Filipinos having round fruits on the dinner table are supposedly
harbingers of good luck for the rest of the new year…

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