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FAA Approved Aircraft Interior Design, Aircraft Interior Conversion and Aircraft Seating Solutions - Aerospace Technology

Aero Design Service

Aero Design Services is a specialist when it comes to aircraft
interiors and cabin seating. Providing innovative design services for a
range of commercial and executive aircraft, including Boeing, Airbus and
Douglas, interior aircraft conversions and configurations cover cabins
and galleys plus a range of seating solutions.

Aircraft interior design and modifications

in 1989, Aero Design Services offer professional engineering assistance
and FAA approval for aircraft interior modifications. Aero Design
Services specializes in design and FAA DER approval of interiors for
projects ranging from executive aircraft components to entire interior
installations on commercial transport aircraft.

Aircraft interior design and conversion services

part of our complete interior design service we perform preliminary or
detail design of interior equipment and installation including interior
layouts, stress analysis or static test substantiations.

FAA-approved aircraft interior design services

engineers perform design specifications that assure the desired product
is provided by outside contractors and coordination with equipment
manufacturers through experience within a wide network of quality
industry contacts.

We provide assistance to your stylists,
designers or shop personnel to prepare and provide FAA approval of the
certification package and STC approval if required.

Modification data or advice for compliance with numerous FAA legislative actions is designed to enhance cabin safety

Aircraft galley reconfigurations

We have worked with many different aircraft models, a few examples of work that we have undertaken follow:

  • Numerous
    727-200, 737-200, -300, -400, -500, -700, -600, -800, 747-300, 400
    galley and lavatory removals to accommodate either seats or different
    galley types requiring floor and overhead structure rework as well as
    cabin layout
  • Numerous MD80 rework to install new galley arrangement in the aft end and fwd galley changes with cabin layout
  • Galley
    modifications to accept ATLAS meal carts, ovens and stowage boxes. The
    galley rework required stress analysis, interface loads calculations,
    and systems and electrical changes.

Aircraft cabin reconfigurations

We have carried out the following aircraft cabin reconfigurations:

  • Boeing
    747-200, -300, -400 major cabin reconfigurations that required
    installation and/or removal of galleys, closets and lavatories
    (including support structure, systems and electrical changes).
    Provisions for additional seating that included seat tracks, floor panel
    modifications, overhead bins, sidewalls, oxygen system changes, etc.
  • DC10
    major cabin reconfiguration including lavatory installation and removal
    in different locations and galley structural modifications with new
    cabin layout
  • New "soft" class divider design for 737-800 new production aircraft
  • Numerous
    other aircraft interior configurations include A300, A310, A319, A318,
    A320, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, DC9, MD80, F28

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