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Photos of Soi 38: An introduction to Bangkok Street Food - Bren on The Road

While Bangkok certainly has some of the most delectable street food
treats in the world, the scene itself can actually be quite
intimidating. Several popular spots are hidden far from the comforts of
the tourist centres, many stall owners don’t understand English, and
Bangkok itself can sometimes be quite a difficult city to navigate.

there is one popular spot in town that serves as the perfect
introduction to street food in Bangkok. Soi 38 in Sukhumvit is cheap,
authentic, clean, easy to find, and serves some of the highest quality
street food the city has to offer. If you’re a first timer in Bangkok,
this is the ideal place to dip your toes into the food culture before
you go wandering down alleys seeking out more adventurous eats.

How to get there

Soi 38 is in the Thong Lo area, so if you’re staying around Ekkamai,
Phrom Phong or Thong Lo you can probably just walk there.

you’re staying elsewhere in the Sukhumvit area, simply get on the BTS
Skytrain and head to Thong Lo station. The other subway networks
interlink with the Skytrain also, so if you have access to the BRT, MRT
or Airport link you should be able to get there easily enough.

In all other cases, simply get in a taxi and ask for Sukhumvit Soi 38. Every driver in town will know exactly where it is.

you get to Thong Lo station, head to Exit 4 (I think). You’ll know
which exit is correct anyway, because you’ll be able to see this from

What to expect

I was staying just around the
corner from here on my last visit to Bangkok, so after eating here
several nights in a row I think I managed to try something from every
single stall. I had no bad experiences, and considering there’s around
20 different stalls here that’s a good hit rate. There are tables and
seats outside each stall, so it’s also a great place to go with some
friends and enjoy a meal and a few beers.

I didn’t have my camera
handy every single visit unfortunately, but listed below are just a few
of the delights you can expect to find here.

No words, just photos.


showing my ignorance here, but I don’t know the Thai names of any of
these dishes. You’ll just have to tolerate the English names I’ve made
up for them..)

A few appetisers to start…

Green mango salad – 60THB ($1.85)

Spicy papaya salad – 60 baht ($1.85)

Spicy Thai papaya salad
Grilled pork salad – 60 baht ($1.85)

Grilled pork salad
Boiled seafood salad – 100 baht ($2.50)

seafood salad
Crab and papaya salad – 60 baht ($1.85)

Crab & Papaya salad
Cuttlefish salad – 80 baht ($2.50) 

(This one’s my favourite!)

cuttlefish salad
Fresh fruit shakes – 30 baht (90 cents)

Fresh fruit shake
Fresh coconut juice – 45 baht ($1.40)

Onto the main course(s)…

Roast duck on rice – 60 baht ($1.85)

Chicken rice – 50 baht ($1.50)

Fried chicken rice – 50 baht ($1.50)

Grilled skewers (chicken/pork/squid/sausages) – 15 baht each (45 cents)

bbq squid

grilled chicken

Chicken satay – 10 baht each (30 cents)

Stewed pork and egg on rice – 60 baht ($1.85)

Grilled river prawns (they’re enormous!) – 150 baht per half dozen ($4.80)

And then it’s noodle time

the moment I was old enough to eat I’ve been a total noodle freak, so
if you’re like me, you’re going to love Bangkok. Collected below are
some of my favourites from Soi 38. All of them are 50-60 baht (1.60 – $1.85) and the servings are quite small, so you can usually fit in around 3 or 4 at least. Ready set go…

Flat rice noodles with pork insides

Chicken drumstick and mushroom dry noodles

Green noodles with pork and wontons (this one is seriously awesome).

Pork fried rice noodles in gravy sauce

Roast duck and prawn wonton dry noodles

BBQ pork and prawn wonton dry noodles

Shrimp pad thai

BBQ pork and wonton noodle soup

Crab meat and prawn wonton dry noodles

Beef glass noodle soup

Shredded chicken rice noodle soup

Curry noodle soup with chicken

Beef and fish ball with thin rice noodle soup

Beef and fish balls with thin rice noodles


And then of course, the ever famous mango sticky rice for dessert. No matter how much you’ve eaten, you’ll always have room for one of these:

Mango sticky rice
I didn’t have time to photograph all the stalls and map out the
individual shops where you can find each dish (to be honest I was just
too lazy), but just by walking around looking at the menus on display
I’m sure you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for. There are
no “hidden” stalls or anything like that. Otherwise, just save this post
on your phone and show the photos to someone, I’m sure they’ll be happy
to point you in the right direction!

Have fun, and happy noodling.

- Bren on The Road

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