Thursday, August 21, 2014

TripAdvisor Finds Cramped Seats, Crying Kids Among Flyers' Big Complaints


Uncomfortable seats and limited legroom are the main complaints
among air travellers in Southeast Asia, according to a survey by TripAdvisor.

The world’s largest travel website announced the results of its
inaugural air travel survey of more than 1,200 Southeast Asian
respondents, a well-travelled lot, with 96% planning international
flights this year.

Some 61% of respondents were concerned about uncomfortable seats and
limited legroom, while 50% complained about unpredictable flight
delays/cancellations and costly airline fees and ticket prices, followed
by long security lines (45%) and loud or crying children on flights

For long-haul flights of over four hours, 80% of travellers were
willing to pay an additional fee for extra legroom. As for those
frustrated by loud and crying children, 48% would pay to sit in a
child-free section.

Andrew Wong, regional director of TripAdvisor Flights Asia-Pacific,
said the interest in international flights continued to rise despite
some persistent frustrations, but the company was also seeing positive
signs about booking and flight routes.

Travellers were asked about improvements over the past five years,
with easier booking the top choice. Although costly airline fees and
ticket prices were common complaints, flyers also noted that more
affordable flights have become available.

The survey found the top five biggest improvements were easier
booking (63%), more affordable flights (49%), more flight routes/options
(45%), more streamlined check-in processes (38%) and better in-flight
entertainment options (25%).

The top three uses of mobile devices by travellers are to research
flight prices (57%), check in for flights (56%) and check flight status

Passengers are less eager to go online, with 65% rarely or never purchasing their carrier’s in-flight WiFi service.

AirAsia and Singapore Airlines were travellers’ favourite airlines, while Singapore’s Changi airport was named the favourite airport for Southeast Asian travellers, with 64% saying it was the best in the region. ___

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