Friday, August 15, 2014

TLS Professional Slim Backpack

TLS Slim Professional Backpack
all products in the favored TLS series, there are a number of popular
uses for those traveling frequently with laptop computers. What I
appreciate most is the standard of solid padding, but beyond that, I had
never tested one of their gear items.
The fully padded and lockable laptop compartment of the TLS Professional Slim Backpack
became a great way to protect my computer from eager thieves’ fingers.
Positioned at the bottom for better load balancing, the compartment is
protected and well-placed.

There are contoured backpack
straps for those that like to wear it as a backpack. While I am the
last person to use them (yes, I am looking at you traveler with the big backpack
that swings it around knocking people over unknowingly in the process),
it is certainly an option. I found it easy to simply swing this bag
over my rollaboard bag, which looks more professional and businesslike,
in my opinion. The side handle (in addition to a top handle) make this
easily possible, and since the zipper opens from the side and the top,
it is easy to access the latpop in a jiffy.

Surprisingly, there is limited storage space for other items when a
laptop is carried. Perhaps, just enough for a few magazines, charging
cables, and some books. But, for many, that is the highlight of this
bag, as it is not bulky. Another great feature is the mesh padding on
the back that allows the skin to “breathe” even when the bag is flush
against you. No sweaty backs here when running through the airport.

Those with smaller laptops may find that the compartment is too large
to secure a computer without it moving around. However, my ThinkPad is
just over 15 inches and fits well.

For me, this bag complements my normal carry-on rolling bag well. It is available from Ebags for just over $100 or on Amazon.

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